Product Measurements


Certain custom party favor wrappers and labels do not require a template because they are made of a simple shape, such as a rectangle, square, or circle. 

For those particular items, I have gathered the measurements for you, and listed them here. 

To see a video tutorial on how to use these measurements to create your own templates, click HERE

If you do not see the measurements you are looking for here, it means I do not currently have them.


  • Nancy

    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this information and thank you so much for providing it free of charge

  • Shanae

    Hi what are the measurements for the swisher sweets pkease

  • Ylang

    Thanks, your resources have made this process so much easier.

  • Charlotte Randolph

    I don’t do much paper products but I am super excited to have these measurements when the time comes

  • Adriana's Paper Crafts

    @Charmane, Anything I ever have will always be posted, so if you don’t see it anywhere on my website, I don’t have it.

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