Template Membership Information


For years, Adriana has offered her templates, and her resources free of charge. Unfortunately, the theft/stolen credit for everything Adriana offered for free has gotten completely out of hand. From the templates, to her images, designs, and even her own words(!!) written on her website were being stolen. Adriana used to create these resources with her own free time, not getting paid for the time and effort to create all of that, so now, the templates will only be offered through a paid membership.

What are the templates?
Adriana's templates are blank templates that you can use as guides to create custom party supplies and gifts, such as chip bags, cigarillo wrappers, cotton candy tubs, candy bar wrappers, and so much more!

How can I access Adriana's templates now?
Adriana's new membership comes in a monthly and annual subscription. She also offiers 2 different tiers. Each tier offers different resources at different price points, that way you can pay for what you need.

What makes Adriana's templates any different from other templates?
These templates are different because they don't just come with the guide lines on them. Adriana has filled most of her templates with the details of where to place certain parts of your design so that it comes out looking amazing! The majority of templates sold elsewhere don't come with that.

What do the membership tiers includes?

How do I use the templates?
Adriana has 2 Youtube tutorials on how to use her templates. Essentially, all you do is design ON TOP of her templates

How do I use the Vendor List?
The list includes links, and detailed notes on Adriana's experience with the items listed so that you can decide if you'd like to purchase the items for yourself.

What are digital paper packs?
Essentially, it's a digital background. Like scrapbook paper, but in a digital form. You can use digital paper to help you create designs, like as the background of a party invitation, party favors, etc.

What if I only need 1 or 2 templates, not a whole membership?
Reach out to Adriana. If all you need is 1 or 2 templates, Adriana can sell them to you individually. 

I signed up for the membership, what now?
After signing up, you are now able to see Adriana's private posts on her Patreon page. There is a post titled "Link and Password". Read that post for the link and password to your membership files.

I downloaded your templates back when they were free, but now the links to them don't work.
The links no longer work because the templates are no longer on my website. If you fully downloaded the templates to your computer back when you first got them from my shop, then you still have those on your device. I understand it can be frustrating to want to still get the templates for free, but unfortunately it is just not possible anymore.