Custom Kids Bucks - Laminated


Custom Kids Bucks - Laminated

Total Number of Dollars:
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Use personalized "bucks" in your classroom, home, or game!
These play dollars are about the size of monopoly money, AND they're laminated, so they'll last long, even with all those little hands handling them!

(If you need them to be a larger size than this, please contact Adriana first.)

What can be customized:

  • The color of your dollars
  • The dollar amount
  • The text on the bottom of the dollar
  • The image in the center of the dollar
The Details:
  • Using the checkboxes above, select the dollar denominations you want included in your order.
  • Using the drop down menu above, select the TOTAL number of dollar bills you want included in your order. 
  • The total number of dollar bills you select will include a MIX of the dollar denominations you selected. (For example, if you selected a quantity of 600 dollar bills, and denominations of $1, and $10, then you would get a total of 300 $1 bills, and 300 $10 bills.)
  • **If you'd like them to be unlaminated (to fit your budget better, use THIS LISTING instead.)