What paper should I use?


I am asked this question so often that I wanted to provide an easier way to get my answer out there. 

Now, depending on the printer I am using (I have 3 after all), and the finish I'm aiming for, I will use one of the following paper types. 

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My favorite sticker paper:

I use a lot of different brands of sticker paper, each with it's own specific use. However, the top 2 sticker brands I recommend are the ones you see below.
The Koala glossy sticker paper has amazing gloss, and sticks very well to whatever I stick it on. However, it is meant for Inkjet printers only, and it is NOT waterproof. So keep that in mind.
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My 2nd favorite sticker paper is Mr.Label sticker paper. It is matte, but it is waterproof, and OMG I am obsessed with the velvety texture of it. Not only is it waterproof, but I swear, it looks even BETTER when it's wet. You can see me review this paper HERE.

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My favorite matte paper:

*I used to exclusively use the Georgia Pacific Super Premium Bright copy paper, but since it has been discontinued, I highly suggest this paper. I honestly believe its the same paper, but under a different brand. You won't be disappointed.*
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My favorite glossy paper:

*This glossy brochure paper is a huge favorite of mine. It's pretty heavy, so if you don't like heavy weight paper, I won't recommend this for you. But it makes my print outs look so fabulous, I can't even describe it. If you purchase this, either be sure to use a coupon, or wait for it to go on sale like I do and then stock up!

OR, my new favorite! Glossy Koala brand photo paper! I honestly love this paper so much, I made a whole video on it! 

For a laser printer:

For my large format printer:



  • Yazmin Garcia

    Amazing work.

  • Linda casby
    the chip bag you have it was the power patrol what kind a paper and how did you get that shine love love love your work

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