What paper does Adriana use?


I am asked this question so often that I wanted to provide an easier way to get my answer out there. 

Now, depending on the printer I am using (my laser or inkjet), and the finish I'm aiming for, I will use one of the following paper types. 

To purchase the paper for yourself, simply click the image.


My favorite sticker paper:

I use a lot of different brands of sticker paper, each with it's own specific use. However, the top 2 sticker brands I recommend are the ones you see below.
The Koala glossy sticker paper has amazing gloss, and sticks very well to whatever I stick it on. However, it is meant for Inkjet printers only, and it is NOT waterproof. So keep that in mind. It also requires the use of Dye ink, so check to see what kind of ink your inkjet printer uses.
(Click the photo below to purchase from Amazon, OR, go get it HERE , directly from the Koala website where you can use code "Adriana" to save 15% off your total order!)


My 2nd favorite sticker paper is Mr.Label sticker paper. It is matte, but it is waterproof, and OMG I am obsessed with the velvety texture of it. Not only is it waterproof, but I swear, it looks even BETTER when it's wet. You can see me review this paper HERE.

(Click the photo to purchase.)


Regular Copy Paper - Budget Friendly

This copy paper can be bought at Walmart. It has a matte finish, so it won't look super fancy, however, it gets the job done well. When searching for a good copy paper, I highly recommend paying attention to the "Brightness" level of the paper, as well as the "Weight" of the paper. So this one has a 97 out of 100 brightness level, and it's weight is 28lb which is thick enought to not be see through, but thin enough to use as a wrapper. It's a great starter paper for all of your custom favors, not just chip bags. 


Glossy Photo Paper - Best for all budgets!

I honestly love this paper so much, I made a whole video on it when I first tried it out, and now I actually get to partner with this brand to test out their products! Now, BEFORE YOU BUY ANY OF THEIR PAPER - it's important you understand that their glossy paper all requires the use of DYE ink. A lot of inkjet printers use PIGMENT ink, or will use DYE ink in their colored ink cartridges, but then use PIGMENT ink in their black cardtridges. If you use PIGMENT ink with this paper, it WILL smear, so it's important you figure out which type of ink your inkjet printer uses before buying this brand of paper. 

(Click the photo below to purchase from Amazon, OR, go get it HERE , directly from the Koala website where you can use code "Adriana" to save 15% off your total order!)



Heavyweight Glossy Paper - Only buy when on sale, or with a coupon!

*This glossy brochure paper was a huge favorite of mine. It gives your projects a real professional look to it, but it is heavy weight, so it has to be used with hot glue, tape or wet glue. If you aren't fond of heavier paper, then I wouldn't suggest this for you. It will work for chip bag wrappers, because I've used them myself, but they will require a little more elbow grease when assembling. 

(Click the photo below to check it out for yourself)



Laser Paper - For laser printers
If you plan to use a laser printer, I absolutely recommend this paper, and this paper only. This is their PREMIUM COLOR pack. Hammermill does have a "glossy" pack, but I hated it, and would never recommend it. For some reason it did not come out glossy on my printer, and in fact came out with streaks and ink cracking. This premium color pack, however, never let me down. 
(Click the photo below to check it out for yourself)

For my large format printer:
I have a few different brands and finishes in stock, and I use them for lots of different purposes. 
  • I use THIS one when I need regular copy paper, but in a much larger size. 
  • I usually use THIS one when I need a much more professional look, or more weight to something I'm making. (Can only be used with Dye based ink.)
  • And lastly, I keep THIS one in stock in case I want the glossy look without the weight of the last large format paper. 




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    What size chips/oz bag do you use?

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    Amazing work.

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    the chip bag you have it was the power patrol what kind a paper and how did you get that shine love love love your work

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