Where to get cute, FREE fonts!


I get free fonts from a ton of different places, like DaFont or 1001 Fonts. But one of my all time favorite sites is TheHungryJPEG.

Unlike the other well known sites (like the 2 I listed above), The Hungry JPEG offer fonts that aren’t always easy to find. They offer beautifully rare fonts that would be perfect for when you need to create a dreamy invitation, a creative flyer, or you just want to stock up on your fonts!


All you have to do to get FREE access to their font bundles is share their promotional link to your social media. That is TOTALLY worth the lovely free fonts you get.   Check out their free bundles HERE.

And the best part of all of this?? Every week or so, the free font bundle is switched out! This means you can visit the website from time to time and have a whole new set of fonts to download!

What's your favorite freebie font?

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