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Welcome back everyone!

I'm frequently asked this question, but I've really noticed it has picked up more lately.

Everyone wants to know what printer settings I use to get such crisp, clean prints.

Right off the bat, I contribute 90% of the amazing quality to my amazing Canon Pixma printer (Read More About It Here). This printer offers so many different print settings, it lets me play around with the color settings, and best of all, it prints up to 13"x19". I mean, I love this printer so much, I've honestly been thinking of buying another one just so I can have 2 of them!

Still...if you really want to see what settings I use, check out the photos below.

**Please keep in mind that my printer, and the way it is compatible with glossy paper might not necessarily be the way your printer works. Some printer ink doesn't work well with certain types of glossy paper. The settings I use below just happen to be what work for me, and my printer.**

As you can see in this first photo (below), my printer lets me select from different document types, such as "Business Document", and "Photo Printing". I ALWAYS set it "Photo Printing". I've noticed that when I use anything other than "Photo Printing", the quality is duller, meaning not as vibrant colors.


Next, where you see "Additional Features", I click on "Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment" and play around with the color settings. It lets me pick how intense the colors are, as well as the contrast. After I change the color settings, I save it so that way every single item I print has that same level of vibrancy.



Lastly, I adjust the "Media Type", and occasionally the "Print Quality".



My printer lets me pick from these different options. I make sure to match the type to whatever type of paper I am using. 

So if I am using glossy paper, I always set it "Photo Paper", and then I'll play around with the second set of options it gives me, which you can see in the photo above. I have found that "Photo Paper Pro Platinum" usually works really well for me, but honestly they all do. I just think the "Pro Platinum" one is the best of the best.

As for the "Print Quality", half the time I set it to "High", and the other half, I leave it on "Standard". That's because again, the quality is already so great that by this point, me changing this setting doesn't really matter. 

I hope that info helps. Let me know what else you'd like me to cover!

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