Custom Cigarillo Wrapper


Custom Cigarillo Wrapper

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Give a gift that they wont ever forget! Include any wording you would like to go on your wrappers in the "Order Details" box above. Be sure to include as much info as you can to help me create your custom wrapper.

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**Due to stolen credit for my work on custom cigarillo wrappers, all new custom wrappers WILL include my logo information on the back of the wrappers.**


  • A custom wrapper for your pack of Cigarillos.
  • *Cigarillos NOT included, Wrapper Only*


  • Glossy finish.
  • Resealable.
  • Simply insert your cigarillos, (either still in their package, or out of their original package) and zip the custom wrapper closed.
  • Upload 1 image per wrapper above.