Printable Chip Bag Design


Printable Chip Bag Design

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My designs are all made to match my chip bag designs. To see what your design will look like, click HERE.

Make your event one that won't be forgotten! A chip bag party favor can be treated like a goodie bag. You can fill it with chips, candy, or even toys! It's a great way to keep all of the items at your party immersed in your party theme, and it will definitely be a topic of conversation anyw you supply these. 

  • A printable chip bag is simply a file that you are responsible for printing and assembling at home.

The Process:

  1. You place your order by selecting a theme, and leaving your order notes.
  2. Adriana creates the chip bag design using your order notes.
  3. If the theme you selected was from the drop down menu above, no mockup will be sent to you. If the theme was not selected from the drop down menu, you will be sent a mockup so that you can approve the design.
  4. The final design will be emailed to you in a PNG format. (A PNG is a high quality image file. PNG's are compatible with all devices and printers.)
  5. You download the file from your email, then print, and assemble however many copies you need.

Paper Recommendations: See

How to Assemble a Chip Bag: