Chip Bag - Filled and Sealed


Chip Bag - Filled and Sealed

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**If you want to request your items be customized in a new theme that I don't have listed above, you MUST pay the design fee for that new theme. Click HERE to add that fee to your order total.**

Make your event one that won't be forgotten! Chip bag party favors are a great way to keep all of the items at your party immersed in your party theme, and they will definitely be a topic of conversation anywhere you supply these.

These chip bags will arrive to you already filled and sealed. All you have to do is display them at your event!


  • This listing includes ONE (1) Chip Bag in your choice of theme. Adjust your "Quantity" to however many chip bags you would like.
  • The chips inside will be Plain Lays chips.


  • These chip bags are GLOSSY, and made of sturdy paper.
  • Each bag comes assembled, and filled. This means that once they arrive to you, they are ready to be passed out at your event. You don't have to do a thing!
  • The chips inside of your chip bag come inside of their original packaging, meaning they will be fresh!

*Prefer the wrappers only? Click HERE