What printer should I get?


I get this question ALL the time, and every time, I have the same answer...

Simple. There is NO one printer that is "The Best".  I know, I know...that is not the answer you wanted, but it is the truth. However, I do have some tips I've learned through my journey that can help you find the best printer for you. 

(To see which printers I use, click HERE)

To do that, there's a few things you've got to figure out first.

  1. What type of work will you be using your printer for?
  2. What does your budget look like?
  3. How often do you see yourself using this printer?

Depending on your answers above, the type of printer you'll need can be found below:


Now my biggest advice?


By doing that, you'll notice if there are any issues that seem to come up a lot with certain printers, and if you're lucky, you'll even come across photos of what the print quality looks like!

Do not go spending a ton of money on something that you did no research on. I will always remind you to WORK SMART, NOT HARD. To get good prints, you HAVE to do the research.

Happy Hunting!


  • Adriana

    @Sonia, Have you tried Office Depot glossy brochure paper, or HP glossy paper?

  • Sonia

    I have a Cannon PIXMA MG2522. The black ink is pigment ink. What glossy paper do you recommend? I’ve used Koala buy it smears and I’ve used Cannon photo paper and it doesn’t dry. I don’t know what else to do. Help!

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