LOL Surprise Thank You Cards - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!


LOL Surprise Thank You Cards - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

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No having to wait on Adriana. After purchase, these cards will be available to download right away, and you will also get a link to download these cards to your email.


  • Cards are not customizable.
  • Cards come in a PDF format.
  • There are 4 cards to a sheet.


  • When printing, IF you printer is capable of printing "borderless", then use that setting. But if your printer does not have that option, then be sure to select "Scale to Fit" so that no part of the design is cut off during the printing process.
  • Keep in mind that most print shops will not print licensed images, so you may not be able to print these at a print shop. 
  • Use whatever paper you would like for these. Here are a few of my favorites.